Pet Connection - Duke, Bailey, Cujo & Remie

Pet Connection - Duke, Bailey, Cujo & Remie

Adopted at SPCA
 This week we are featuring Duke the Lab & Basset hound mix, Bailey & Cujo, a brother and sister pair of Chihuahua & Dachshund mixes, Remie the cat, and lots of kittens! Check out the slideshow for pictures and more info.

All of the dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on their vaccinations.  They come with a starter bag of food and a free vet exam within the first 15 days after adoption.  For more information on adoption rates, hours, contact info and more, visit or call 315-782-3260.


Remie is a two-year-old, domestic, short-haired, male cat.  He is orange and white in color, and came into the shelter as a stray.  He was very thin and dehydrated.  He has been nursed back to good health, and is now looking for a new family.  He is a very affectionate cat, and loves to be pet.  He has been at the shelter since April 12th. 

Long Hair Kittens

There are a litter of domestic, long-haired kittens that came into the shelter on May 7th, five male and one female.  They are now almost three months old and are all looking for homes.  They are super cute, and very playful.  They each have their own personality, and range in color from black, to black and gray, to black and tan tiger tortie.

In addition to this litter, there are several other litters with kittens in all different colors that range from seven weeks up to six months.  Stop in today to meet them!


Duke is a one-and-half-year-old, male Black Lab and Basset Hound mix.  He is black and very friendly.  He loves being around people, and getting lots of attention.  He has been at the shelter since April 22nd and is looking for a fun and energetic home to go to! 

Bailey & Cujo

Bailey and Cijo are brother and sister, and are 9-months old.  They are a blend of Chihuahua and Dachshund, and are tan with white and black markings.  They have always been together, and they would like to go to the same home together.  Bailey gets very upset when he can’t see Cujo.  Cujo, the female, is the larger and more dominant of the two.  They have a ton of spunk and personality, and you will want to bring them both home if you stop in and meet them!

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