"He is THE MAN! He gave me the knowledge and resources I needed to get my life on track." At 19, I was told I had PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome) and was informed having children would be difficult, if at all.  After three years of medication and dieting to lose 20% of my bodyweight ... I gave up - no luck with a cycle on my own.  My husband and I ended up at the CNY Fertility Clinic and after numerous tests they found that my ovaries were still not working.  So for another year we tried treatment after treatment - nothing worked.  I put on over 40 lbs. and also developed high blood pressure.  We decided to take a break!  After a few months had passed, we were introduced to Dr. Porter's Nutrition Response Testing Program.  At first I was thinking this man is nuts, but keeping an open mind, learned he wanted to give me a better life!  I did the program for a year - 12 visits.  In that year, I lost 32 pounds and brought my blood pressure back to normal ... and, my husband and I are expecting our first child in a few months.  I will definitely be bringing our daughter in to be tested.  ~Jade M., Pulaski, NY

"... Dr. Porter has empowered me to realize that I have more control than I previously believed." I considered little aches and pains and a high level of stress "normal" and "typical" resulting from everyday challenges of life.  I came to Dr. Porter through the encouragement of a dear friend.  Assuming he could "fix" my chronic back/neck issues.  Following a few sessions I mentioned something to him that I was pretty sure he could not assist me through ... I was wrong!  My knees hurt terribly and it had been going on for over five months ... I had been to doctors ... been prescribed meds ... seen a orthopedic specialist and had MRIs ... but was told there was nothing surgery could do.  I was given medications for pain and inflammation and told it would be months or even years before I would be able to get back to the gym and my normal routine.  Dr. Porter was the change-maker.  He encouraged me to see the possibilities that a proper nutritional program could make at a demonstration/information night.  I signed on and began almost immediately.  Nothing was ignored and I felt completely taken care of in this office.  Within a week my knees were 50% better!  They are now 99.9% better; I eat right, exercise, sleep well, have been taken completely off cholesterol & blood pressure medication, AND I went from a woman's size 10/12 to a size 6!  I will always be thankful to Dr. Porter.     ~Linda F., Dexter, NY 

"I didn't like the thought of being on medication the rest of my life. I had suffered with headaches for over 35 years. Dr. Porter tested me for allergies and from the 1st visit on, my headaches were not as intense and didn't last as long. By my 3rd and 4th visits they were gone all together! In all honesty, at first, it seemed like voo doo, but I couldn't argue with success. Dr. Porter didn't have to convince me to follow through with the program. I would certainly recommend this treatment (Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique) to anyone with this problem."     ~Jim S., Plessis, NY

"I am grateful to Dr. Porter for his expertise... In 1946, I was thrown off a tractor while baling hay and have had knee pain ever since. My doctor, at the time of the accident, told me to put ice on them. The knee pain and swelling never went away. Everytime I got up to walk, it was very painful and I walked with a cane because of the pain. After I started seeing Dr. Porter and followed his Nutrition Response Testing program taking the recommended supplements, I now can walk without any pain in my knees. I only use the cane for balance."   ~Robert

"I don't know how it works, but... I had three distinct medical problems when I entered Dr. Porter's office. For one of the ailments, a presciption side effect was cataracts. After eye surgery, the three medical conditions continued. Rather than have a different surgery, it was out of desperation that I agreed to consult with Dr. Porter , and participate in the Nutrition Response Testing program. I don't know how it works, but all three medical problems have either been eliminated or reduced.   ~Georgette S., Adams, NY

"Thank you Dr. Porter! You have helped me give myself a great gift. I suffered from daily brain fog. I had to write down even simple things to remember. My energy was low, I wasn't sleeping well and would fall asleep by 8pm. I started the Nutrition Response Testing program you recommended and began to notice small improvements. With the supplements you provided for me and doing a daily food journal, I was able to improve my diet. The food journal was very important and revealing. After a short period, my energy level increased and brain fog was less and less. I stopped ingesting pharmaceuticals ... my blood pressure is normal and my lightheadedness is almost gone. I am sleeping so much better, wake up refreshed and am better focused during the day."    ~ Joanne K., Clayton, NY

"Dr. Porter is giving me my life back! I thought I was starting to get M.S. I couldn't walk without a limp and I had serious aches and pains everywhere. I had severe acid reflux and Candida. I had debilitating headaches and 'brain fog'. I felt weak and shaky much of the time, no energy and no interest in anything. Today, most of those symptoms are gone and without invasive procedures or toxic medicines. Dr. Porter and his methods are fantastic. He uses natural whole food supplements as part of the treatment. I am so glad my sister recommended him to me."   ~Virginia M., Baldwinsville, NY

"It's hard to express in words what Dr. Porter has done for me, but I will try. For the last 10 plus years I have had attacks of A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat). I would have to go to the hospital to get cardioverted. These attacks would occur every couple of months, then quit. I went to the Cleveland Clinic and was told that I would have to have an operation or take a strong dangerous medicine daily. I opted for the operation, but fortunately I heard about Dr. Porter and went to see him ... that was May 2009. Using various methods including Nutrition Response Testing, taking Standard Process products and eating a nutritious diet, I slowly started to improve, and I cancelled the operation. Since January of 2011, now August 2011, my A-Fibs have been practically non-existent. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Dr. Porter's ability to help, when all other medical professionals wanted to give medicine or surgery as the only solution and not cure the underlying problem!!"   ~Earl W. G., North Syracuse, NY 

"I feel better than I have in years. I had suffered from allergies since I was 14 years old and had tried every allergy medicine available, both prescription and over-the-counter. I have been on Dr. Porter's program for 4 months, I am no longer on medication, am allergy free, and have lost 35 lbs." I am grateful for his help."      ~Roberta L., Watertown, NY

"I haven't felt this good in years! I had suffered with migraines and was on daily medication and special migraine meds. I went into Dr. Porter's office with a headache and sciatic nerve pain in my hip and leg ... and left headache free and pain free. I then experienced one more migraine ... Dr. Porter said that this was NOT acceptable, but to me it was very acceptable. He checked me for scars ... after treatment with cold laser and wheat germ oil ... long and behold I have not experienced another migraine. And, my sciatic nerve problem has disappeared. I also had sleep problems and no longer take prescription sleeping pills. He put me on supplements for night sweats and they are not as serious as they once were. I thought Dr. Porter was talking voo doo when I first went to him, but he has since made me a believer." ~Sandra H., Adams Center, NY

"I've lost over 20 pounds doing the Nutrition Response Testing program and no longer experience swollen ankles and feet (unless I eat sugar). My chronic cough is all but gone, my dry eyes feel better than they have in years, my heart is stronger than before and my 'lousy' cholesterol dropped 50 points! Based on my own experience, I can, without hesitation recommend Dr. Porter and his very competent and supportive staff. Follow their advice, keep your appointments and let them guide you into becoming a HEALTHIER YOU!!!"                                         ~Karen F., Clayton, NY

"Not only is he an excellent doctor, he is a very caring man who really listens. Before I went to see Dr. Porter I had been on pain medicine for months and as time went on the orthopedic doctor kept increasing the dose. By the time I realized what was happening to me I had become very depressed and the orthopedic doctor said that I had post-operative depression. I was crying all the time and I was having hot flashes continually. The feeling I had was so awful that I walked into Dr. Porter’s office crying and asking if he could help me. He took me right in and started testing me with different smells and placing my hand on different parts of my body to find out what was causing these feelings. He put me on a supplement and had me come back in a week. Within that first week I was starting to feel a little better and my hot flashes were becoming less frequent and I wasn’t crying so much. The next week he put me on two more supplements and within three weeks I was almost back to my old self. I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Porter."    ~Judy N., Rodman, NY 

"Dr. Porter has definitely put me on track." My first visit to Dr. Porter came a year and a half after surgery and radiation treatment for cancer. I had experienced a difficult time with pain, loss of energy and weight loss. After visiting numerous doctors and even seeking a diagnosis during a two-week stay at the Rochester, MN, Mayo Clinic, no one had the answer to my problems. The only advice I received was to try a variety of prescribed pain relievers. None of them worked. During my first appointment with Dr. Porter I was encouraged. Today, I have a marked increase in strength and energy. I exercise regularly and enjoy outdoor activities and best of all, being interactive with my grandchildren again. I take no drugs. Although I am not entirely back to what I would consider to be my normal life, I credit him and his caring professional staff for this change. They are dedicated and sensitive to their patients’ needs and I am confident that with their help I will continue to make progress."   ~Pat .G., Dexter, NY


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