Steve T.

It was in early June when I first met Dr. Becky Keshmiri in her office to go over my full spine X-Rays. I found her both knowledgeable about the workings of the anatomy as well as both friendly and engaging. After looking over my X-Rays she simply said, "You don't have any social life." I didn't. That impressed me right there. I had three bulged discs and one herniated disc as well as a compound fracture in my c-spine.

She recommended a course of 20 sessions of spinal decompression, and managed to get me started on it that very day. My own neurologist had never even told me that I had a degenerative spinal condition. I hadn't felt my hands or forearms in over 2 years, I could barely turn my head at all and was in constant and severe pain. After my 20th session of spinal disc regeneration I am playing my guitar again! I have regained the feeling in my hands and have had a remarkable increase in the range of motion in my neck and am driving easily again. Most of all, my pain level in my neck (c-spine) has diminished greatly and I'm not always irritable like I was.

Thumbs up to this great technology. I'm actually living again. I'd like to thank Dr. Keshmiri, Dr. Pam Thompson, and the entire staff. Before having ANY type of spine or back surgery I would highly recommend having the consultation with Dr. Keshmiri and keeping and open mind to a treatment that's free of risk and growing daily. You'll get results!

Dave. P

I started spinal decompression back in April of 2009. Since then I have noticed an increase in upper and lower body strength, with greater flexibility.

I've been suffering with numbness in my toes for approximately 10 years. The numbness is aggravated by prolonged standing and walking. Prior to starting spinal decompression, I had to give up swimming because of pain in my feet.

After 10 sessions the numbness in my left foot was almost gone, and I've been able to take up swimming again. I used to struggle to complete 50 lengths of the pool in 45 minutes. Recently I completed 66 lengths in 48 minutes.

The numbness in my feet has eased to the point where I've been able to start walking again. Two days ago I climbed a mountain in the Adirondacks. A 15 miles hike with 3,200 foot of vertical. This was something I thought I'd never be able to to again. Thanks!

Patricia M.

I am a 58 year old woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I have suffered with chronic back pain, sciatica (15 years) and later on some headaches.

My husband and I saw a piece in the newspaper about the Spinal Disc Regeneration Center. After a week or so I decided to call and make an appointment. We came here May 11th, everyone was so nice and we found out from Dr. Becky and Dr. Pam why I had been having my back pain. Dr. Becky showed us my X-Rays how it should look and how it really did look.

So I started my treatment on May 18th. I still felt pain but after a few sessions I started feeling different, a better different. It seems I only got better. I was also nervous but appointment by appointment it got easier and the questions I asked were answered. I was so surprised when I was at a store and I stopped and realized I (for the first time in year) wasn't in pain! It was the beginning of feeling like I was in a different body. Now I have so many days without the awful back pain, some sciatic when I overdo, but oh so glad my husband found their ad in the newspaper.

All the doctors have given me a much better life. I am so thankful for everything I've learned and for the great doctors at the Spinal Disc Regeneration Center.

Samuel S.

I thank you very much for your help. I had back surgery almost three years ago and was almost back to the point to have another operation. Then I saw your ad in the paper. I was in a lot of pain day and night before I started treatments almost two months ago. Now I had 21or 22 treatments and am almost pain free. I would advise anyone with back pain to try the spinal decompression before they do surgery. A lot less painful and no off time to heal up again.


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