To Purchase tickets to the 1st Annual Made in NNY Talent Show at the Clayton Opera House on May 13th.

Six Students from the Tri-County area (Grades 7-12) will be chosen to showcase their talents at the Clayton Opera House on May 13th at 6:00pm.  The students will perform in front pf a live audience and a panel of five judges, inclusing Katherine Ingerson, Grammy Nominated Musician and Teacher; Matthew Clark, Comedian; Craig Sirianni,Opera Singer; Ticia Aumell, Stage Notes Artistic Director and one surprise judge!

The talent show will be filmed and televisd at a later date. Between the live event and the televised event, ABC50 will air a 1-minute vigette for each student, highlighting their performance.  Viewers will have the opportunity to vote on for their favorite perofrmance.  The judges choice and the People's Choice Winners will be announced during the televised program on June 22nd, airing on ABC50 at 7:00pm.

The Judges Choice Winner will receive $1,000 and the People's Choice winner will recieve $500