Dan Chambers


Dan Chambers is the winner of a recent Broadway Bound competition, hosted by Ted Keegan for students of the North Country. Dan is a senior from Carthage High School. His interest in music grew in 7th grade, due to a scheduling error by his guidance counselor. His parents and counselor suggested he give the music class a chance for one quarter and if he decided he did not like it, they would pull him out of the class. He won the competition five years later, although it was much more than a competition. Broadway Bound also served as a clinic and students were able to work with Mr. Keegan directly. Dan recalls, “We got to work with this man from Watertown,where nobody thinks much good is going to come from, and here’s this man who made it to the big leagues and the person we hope to be.” He went on to say, “We have all the kids who are supposed to represent the best from each school and we get to work with a professional in such a manner that furthers our education as well as our understanding of music.” After high school, Dan plans to go to school for chemical engineering and continue his music career on the side.