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'Fast Diet', latest weightloss craze catching on

According to the weight loss plan, you eat normally five days a week and two days a week, you fast.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - A diet craze is spreading fast – it’s called the Fast Diet, and it began in Great Britain.

According to the weight loss plan, you eat normally five days a week.

Then, two days a week, you fast.

Fasting doesn’t mean eating nothing at all. It means keeping eating to a minimum.

According to the plan, men can eat 600 calories a day, while women can eat 500. The calories are split between breakfast and dinner and you are expected to fast in between.

When you get to your weight loss goal, you fast for one day a week from that point on.

The theory is that the five-day, two-day diet will not only help you lose more weight than dieting every day, but that fasting is healthy. Proponents say fasting may fight the aging process and combat diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

NewsChannel 9’s Carrie Lazarus talked to Dr. Wendy Scinta of Fayetteville regarding the diet. Scinta specializes in weight loss.

She’s concerned about the lack of science behind the Fast Diet. She says it’s harder to stick with than it sounds.

One the positive side, she says the book gives a lot of healthy ideas for the fasting days, including a sample breakfast that includes cereal and a dinner that includes chicken with vegetables.

She says anyone considering the Fast Diet should consult with their doctor.

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