Price of Gasoline has North Country residents struggling to make ends meet

Price of Gasoline has North Country residents struggling to make ends meet

Rising gas prices mean rising concerns for some residents who are struggling in a tough economy

Watertown -- Increasing gas prices are raising concerns for not just consumers, but for small business owners and those that own gas stations. In September, according to, gas prices averaged $3.88 nationally. In their article, “Highest- Ever Prices at Pump for September: When’s the Gas Price Plunge Coming?”  raised concerns over gas prices going up after Labor Day, which has not happened in the past.

On a local level, those that live in the North Country would not mind paying $3.88, as prices in Watertown, NY are as high as $4.21 a gallon or more. In some cases, newer vehicles require premium fuel causing concern for owners who have to pay $4.36 a gallon for premium gasoline.

According to article “To Save Money on Gas, Stop Buying Premium” one could check out two categories of vehicles that Edmunds compiled: Premium recommended or Premium required. Edmund’s suggests consumers stop paying for premium gasoline unless a vehicle absolutely requires it. However, even consumers who are paying for regular unleaded are struggling to find ways to budget their money so that they can pay for food, medication and other essential necessities.

Anthony Doldo, owner of The General Store off of Bradley street,  has seen gas prices go up in his 30 years of business. Gas prices that were once at .99 cents a gallon are now well above $4.00 leaving not just consumers, but gas station owners like Anthony Doldo searching for answers. Mr. Doldo has switched recently to Valero gas in order to keep their gas competitively low for their customers. Other stations like Sunoco has partnered up with Price Chopper to help customers save on gas. Even so, customers in the past used to get .10 cents off gas at Sunoco for every $50 they spent, however according to The Business Review’s article “Price Chopper Changing Rules For Fuel Program”, on May 13th of this year customers now have to spend $100 in groceries to get .10 cents off of gas.  Any little bit helps in this economy and if you want to review current prices on gas locally, please click on Fill Up Finder located under our “Ask Local” tab.

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