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Prostitution arrests in Watertown

1/13/10<br />&quot;2 girl special&quot; advertised on Craigslist leads to arrests of two women for prostitution...
Photo for illustration purposes only
Photo for illustration purposes only
Two women have been arrested for prostitution after allegedly agreeing to have sex for a fee with an undercover officer in Watertown.

City Police say their investigation began with the investigation of 35 year old Thomas Robair for criminal mischief. Police say the Brooklyn man had damaged his hotel room at Hampton Inn by firing a BB gun in the room. Damage was estimated at over $1,300.

Ariel Robinson (Jefferson County Correctional Facility)
Ariel Robinson (Jefferson County Correctional Facility)
During the investigation it was learned that Robair was affiliated with two women who had an ad on Craigslist under "adult services."

A detective called the number and ordered the "2 girl special" that was advertised.  He was directed to a room at the Days Inn where he was allegedly met by 21 year old Sasha Reed of Brooklyn and 17 year old Ariel Robinson, of North Carolina.

The two agreed to have sex with the detective for a fee, police said.

Both women were charged with prostitution and Ms. Reed was also charged with promoting prostitution.

Mr. Robair, who had moved from the Hampton Inn to the Days Inn was located there and charged with criminal mischief.

The arrest reports list Ms. Reed as 5'4",  170 lbs and listing her religion as Muslim. Among her scars, marks and tattoos is a tattoo of the Devil.

The 17-year old Robinson was listed as 5'1" and 112 lbs, and listing no religion.

"2 girl special... there is only ONE....Platinum!!!" read the ad on Criagslist.  The ad listed an "updated" telephone number and said the location was "arsenal."
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