Ferry Accident Near South Korea Coast Leaves 4 Dead, 292 Injured

- (CNN/WSYR-TV) - At least four people are dead and 292 are unaccounted for after a ferry started to sink off the coast of South Korea.

The rescues dragged into the afternoon Wednesday, as the massive ship sank into the waters of the East China Sea.

Most of the passengers - more than 300 of them - were high school students, traveling with teachers to the resort island of Jeju, southwest of South Korea’s coast.

The ferry sent a distress signal at about 9 a.m.

The South Korean coast guard rushed to help the 474 people on board.

One passenger told CNN affiliate YTN that he heard a loud bump just before the ship started to sink.

Some passengers leaped into the water trying to get to safety, hoping to swim to a rescue vessel.

One of them suffered a fractured leg.

With water temperatures lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia became a concern.

The coast guard provided the rescued with blankets.

Read more at cnn.com.

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