State OK's the use of city owned deck at Maggies On The River


Watertown (WTNY) - The controversy surrounding a city owned deck connected to the privately owned restaurant Maggie's On The River took another turn Monday night.

During the Watertown City Council meeting, city leaders learned the state had eased slightly on it's stance regarding the use of the deck. They now say that Maggie's can use the deck for it's patrons, but the bar and eatery would have to lease it from the city.

The controversy began several years ago when the city used state funds to construct the deck along the Black River on Newell St., connecting it to the building that currently houses the restaurant.

Maggie's has been asking to use the deck for several years. The announcement came as the City Council debates on whether to make $33,000 worth of repairs to the deck after it was damaged as a result of spring flooding.

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