14th House and Garden Tour to Mark 100th Anniversary of Thousand Island Park

14th House and Garden Tour to Mark 100th Anniversary of Thousand Island Park

7.19.2011 <br> On Thursday, July 14th participants will learn about the many historical aspects that have molded the T.I. Park, located on Wellesley Island, into what it is today...

The Thousand Island Park Landmark Society will be taking guests on a journey back to the summer of 1911 during their 14th House and Garden Tour.

On Thursday, July 21st participants will learn about the many historical aspects that have molded the T.I. Park, located on Wellesley Island, into what it is today.

The tours will include a morning and afternoon tour that will show visitors simple platform tents to grander cottages and other historical buildings throughout the park. Visitor’s will have the chance to have a personal look into the architecture and layout of the park, including the preservation, renovation and restoration projects throughout the Victorian style community.

Visitors will start at the Tabernacle, the community church, where there will be a welcome and introduction ceremony. Then guests will follow a noon tour of five selected cottages and gardens throughout the park and points of historical interest on the community green.

Historical homes in the tour include:

  • Connie and Knowlton Foote’s Home- Built after 1875, the home is diminutive and decorative with open piazzas and a vertical profile consistent with the first built structures called platform tents. The early cottage has a feel of simplicity and functionality with the open front for summer residents.
  • Mary Cerreto and David Coulter’s Home- The first lease for the St. Lawrence Cottage site was taken out after the fire that destroyed 99 homes in the community in 1912. The current owners rehabilitated the old home in 1981, to replicate the late 19th century façade.
  • Candy and Mike Stedem’s Home- The Queen Anne style cottage dates back to the 1890’s. It features a steeply pitched roof, an octagonal corner turret with flared skirting, classical porch posts and decorated fish scale shingling. The cottage was the residence of the Methodist ministers in the late 1800’s.
  • Dee and Jim Blumer’s Home- Of all the Victoria era homes dating from 1840 to 1900, Queen Anne homes were the most elaborate and eccentric. During the summer of 1911, this home was the destination for anyone in the community in need of glasses or an eye exam. An Optometrist’s office was in what is now the downstairs bedroom and bath.
  • Lynn and Thomas Kassouf’s Home- This Eastlake style cottage dates back to 1890. It is a wonderful example of how owners are renovating and rehabilitating the historical cottages. Double doors were transformed into bay windows before 1895, the porch became an extension of the dinning room in 1914 to 1915, and the rear porch was taken off in the 1950’s. Current owners have remained faithful to its original Eastside style.

The day’s event will also include an art show and sale of local artists and craftspeople located at the Pavilion.

The Thousand Island Park Landmark Society was founded in 1976 and is supported today by individuals who have a vision of protecting the architectural integrity and history of the Park. It is a tax exempt, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The society’s stated mission is to promote the preservation and appreciation of the unique architectural and social heritage of Thousand Island Park, and to be a resource for historic research, architectural information, and preservation projects. Our most sig­nificant projects thus far have been the renovation of the Pavilion, which served as a steamboat landing on the river, and the McIntyre Photo Shop of 1879, which today houses our office and little retail store. These were ac­complished with funds contributed from our memberships and previous House and Garden Tours.

Membership is open to any person interested in the architecture of Thousand Island Park and its preserva­tion. We need and welcome your participation and support. Contributor $25; Friend $50; Benefactor $100. Contibutions are tax deductible and may be mailed to PO Box 712, Thousand Island Park, NY 13692 or be made through PayPal on the website, thousandislandparklandmarksociety.org

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