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Brighter Days Ahead...

<B>(Wednesday Midday, November 14, 2012)</B> Lake effect clouds west of Syracuse will continue to break up this afternoon. The rest of central New York is already sunny and will stay that way the rest of the day. Other than some high in mid level clouds tomorrow you can expect more sunshine.
High pressure remains anchored up over the St. Lawrence Valley early this afternoon.  Drier air has been filtering into central New York on light northeasterly winds and skies have cleared in Syracuse.  The clouds have been more stubborn over the Finger Lakes but even here sunshine will win out before the end of the day.

Over the next several days, high pressure is forecast to remain in control.  Consequently, today will begin an unusually long stretch of sunny and dry weather for this time of year.  Additionally, with the jet stream so far north, our winds will be rather light and temperatures won’t be too far from the seasonal norms.  The upshot of it all is that the weather will be rather pleasant through the weekend, so long as you don’t mind chilly nights.

As a side note, we will be watching an area of high cloudiness that is projected to move from the mid-section of the country to the Northeast for the end of the work week.  In terms of sensible weather, we’ll likely see filtered sunshine tomorrow and possibly Friday with a brighter sky returning for the weekend.

The true next weather maker we have to watch out for is a developing area of low pressure off the East Coast.  By late in the weekend, this low will be off the Mid Atlantic Coast and the counter clockwise winds around this storm will eventually bring moisture in the form of clouds back into central New York.  However, we don’t feel there is any chance of rain around here until early next week.
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