Charge against Watertown businessman to be dismissed

Charge against Watertown businessman to be dismissed

9/9/09<br />Case against Michael Defranco for allegedly punching a process server adjourned in contemplation of dismissal...
A harassment charge against Watertown businessman Michael Defranco will be dismissed in six months if he stays out of trouble.

In City Court on Wednesday Defranco was granted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

Defranco had been charged with harassment after a process server, Matthew Shoen, alleged that Defranco punched him when Shoen went into Defranco's Public Square shop to deliver a letter.

Defranco denied it, saying he startled Shoen by rising quickly from his chair and that Shoen banged himself on the door casing while retreating.

Shoen had been serving a letter from Jon Sabin of South Colton, ordering Defranco and others to stop their alleged harassment of him via the internet.

Sabin also filed a similar complaint in St. Lawrence County, leading to Defranco being charged with stalking.

That charge also ended in adjournment in contemplation of dismissal in Town of Pierrepont court.

The St. Lawrence County District Attorney's office wrote the town court that Sabin appeared as much responsible for alleged harassment as those he was accusing.
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