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Consumers Spend Millions on Halloween Pet Costumes

2012 consumers will spend $370 million on Halloween pet costumes, $70 million more than last year. Total amount of money spent on pets last year $51 billion. But, for pet owners & animal lovers their pet is a member of the family and worth every penny.

Watertown— September through October is a special time of year when people begin preparing to shop. Before the big November 23rd  “Black Friday”, consumers are not cutting back on their spending budget, when it comes to one special family member.


ABC50 got the opportunity to film Watertown, New York’s Petco’s annual Halloween pet costume contest. Each year, the numbers of devoted animal lovers sign up and come ready to win the costume contest. General Manager of Petco, Heather Roux stated, “Sales are pretty high around September and October.” In fact, sales go up 70 percent and this continues through December, as Christmas costumes have become just as popular.


According to Time- Business and Money, in 2011 consumers spent $300 million dollars on Halloween costumes for their special pet. “Man’s best friend” is more than just a friend to consumers; to most animal lovers pets are like children. Although the economy is in a slump, gas prices are still high, and job growth is still too slow for some unemployed. There are large portions of the United States consumers, spending money on their pets.


In the 2012-year, consumers will spend $370 million dollars on Halloween pet costumes. That is $70 million dollars more than last year. The total amount of money spent on pets last year was a whopping $51 billion on pet items.


But, for pet owners and animal lovers their pet is a member of the family and worth every penny. Not only do cats and dogs show up in costume at Petco, this year one of the first place awards was given to little Stewart, a little cute white hamster that came as a pumpkin. Petco has a number of costumes for sale.


There are also other popular sites such as petedge and other sites such as baxterboo, entirelypets, as well as so many more other sites. All one has to do is Google “pet costumes” and one will see that the pet market is enduring a tough economy with so many animal lovers faithfully shopping for their special family member.




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