Does Social Media Help or Hurt the Presidential Candidates?

Does Social Media Help or Hurt the Presidential Candidates?

Both candidates have been taking full advantage of being able to quickly viral market their vision for this country. But, how effective are these social media sites? Are they helping or hurting their campaign?

Some say, Facebook played a large role in President Obama getting elected. As a matter of fact, a young Chris Hughes got bragging rights for helping Mark Zuckerberg not only create Facebook but also help President Obama get elected.


Dead center on the cover of “Fast Company” magazine stood a very young Chris Hughes and the headlines read, “The Kid Who Made Obama President.” While President Obama will go down in history as the first African American President, he will also go down in history for being the first President to leverage Web 2.0 platforms.


However, using Facebook to leverage a campaign is now old news. There are numerous other social media platforms and both candidates have been taking full advantage of being able to quickly viral market their vision for where they would like to steer America.


There is Twitter of course, but Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Pinit, Google+ and a hosts of other social networking applications and sites. However, Facebook still dominates in the “groups” arena. Facebook allows for people to form groups of interest via online. These groups tend to be more popular the more people “like” them. Some groups are closed groups, while others are open to everyone.


Both candidates seem to use Web 2.0 platforms to their advantage now as well as utilizing social media sites. Some of these groups that have formed supporting either candidate, have formed on their own by loyal voters. Some groups seem to be “normal”, while other groups are a bit on the whacky side.


Mitt Romney Groups:


Mitt Romney: 9,984,332 “Likes” and Followers

Women For Mitt: 243,000 “Likes” and Followers

Women For Romney: 10,621 “Likes” and Followers

Moms for Mitt Romney: 13, 448 “Likes” and Followers

Military Wives for Romney: 591 “Likes” and Followers

Paul Ryan: 4,831,321 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney Central: 94,871 “Likes” and Followers

President Mitt Romney: 2012: 86,035 “Likes” and Followers

President Mitt Romney: 1101 “Likes” and Followers

Conservative Republicans: 15,077 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney Tea Party Supporters: 5978 “Likes” and Followers

Vote Mitt Romney 2012: 9015 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney Express: 2652 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney’s Fan Club: 1,870 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney For President: 2351 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney For President: 15,429 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan: 6247 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney Store: 6247 “Likes” and Followers

Being Conservative: 2,620,565 “Likes” and Followers

African Americans for Mitt: 777 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney For President- I believe in America: 937  “Likes” and Followers

Democrats for Romney: 1,890 “Likes” and Followers

Democrats for Romney: 70 “Likes” and Followers

Ann Romney: 389,000 “Likes” and Followers


No to Mitt Romney: 27,043 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney is a Tool: 5,831 “Likes” and Followers

Mitt Romney Sucks: 24,956 “Likes” and Followers

No to Romney/Ryan: 10 members

No Romney 2013: 13

Say no to Romney: 42 likes


There’s even a “Stand with Mitt” application that Facebook users can sign up for to get updates on what Mitt Romney is doing and equally obtain permission to post on the behalf of the user.


Barack Obama: 31,043,439 “Likes” and Followers

Republicans for Obama: 26,315 “Likes” and Followers

Obama App: 700,000 monthly users “Likes” and Followers

Re-Elect President Obama: 177,836 “Likes” and Followers

Students for Barack Obama: 512, 250 “Likes” and Followers

I’m Voting For Barack Obama: 77, 370  “Likes” and Followers

Obamacare: 455,522 “Likes” and Followers

Michelle Obama: 8,581, 938 “Likes” and Followers

Women for Obama: 1,157,461 “Likes” and Followers

Obama Pride: 102, 634 “Likes” and Followers


1 Million to defeat Barack Obama: 91,579 “Likes” and Followers

Obama Sucks: 909 “Likes” and Followers

Defeat Obama: 21,561 “Likes” and Followers

 Overturn Obamacare:  25,882 “Likes” and Followers

Impeach Obama: 35, 259 “Likes” and Followers

I hate Obama: 3,416 “Likes” and Followers


President Obama also has his own supporter’s application. He also has “Obama for America” FB pages in the following states: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, California, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Georgia.


Bizarre groups relating to President Obama and Mitt Romney:


Tell Obama to Cease FDA ties to Monsanto: 15, 446 “Likes” and Followers

Obama 52 playing cards: 32, 638 “Likes” and Followers

Obama is a Dumba-- 8,387 “Likes” and Followers

Obama’s Dead Fly: 31,477 “Likes” and Followers

Barak Obama is not even Black: 141 “Likes” and Followers

Hungarian Americans do not vote for Obama and thus Hillary Clinton: 9 “Likes” and Followers

I am not a Jew and I will not vote for Obama: 18 “Likes” and Followers

Vote No to Mitt Romney and the Mormon Plan For America: 3,116 “Likes” and Followers

No to Barack and Mitt Romney: 26,316 “Likes” and Followers

Dogs against Romney: 101,266 “Likes” and Followers

No to Obamney: 236 “Likes” and Followers

Yes to Big Bird, No to Mitt Romney: 114 “Likes” and Followers

Romney is a Unicorn: 6,177 “Likes” and Followers

Dogs Against Obama Eating Them: 1,778  “Likes” and Followers

Dogs against being eaten by Obama- Food/Beverage: 745 “Likes” and Followers



There are dozens if not, hundreds more I am sure that I have not listed here. How much do these Facebook “Likes” and groups matter to either candidate? It seems that Mitt Romney has faithful followers just as President Obama does when it comes down to the whole viral fan base. Because Mitt Romney has had some heat on him regarding women supporters and his pro-life stance. There is an online presence of women supporters for Romney. President Obama does have a steady base of followers in various states as well.


Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have some extreme groups listed above. My Mitt Romney’s top two bizarre Facebook favorites are Romney is a Unicorn in first place, followed by Yes to Big Bird, No to Mitt Romney.


Last but not least, my top two most bizarre Facebook favorites for President Obama would have to be Obama’s Dead Fly in first place followed by Dogs Against Obama Eating Them.


At the end of the day, regardless of what is said or who says it on Facebook. The American people want results. People today are much more desensitized by social media then they were in 2008, when Web 2.0 tactics helped bolster President Obama’s Campaign. Unemployment rates in this country are still at a high 7.8 percent and stocks dropped today at the lowest since June, according to BusinessWeek. American voters will have a final chance to decide which Presidential candidate will restore this country.  Also released today, an Associated Press Report, which have raised more questions on how President Obama and his administration handled Libya. The last and final debate is on foreign policy, as this issue will most likely be raised then.


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