Fort Drum Bookoo helps thrifty North Country shoppers

Fort Drum Bookoo helps thrifty North Country shoppers

With the holiday weekend upon us, Fort Drum Bookoo is here to help area bargain hunters find their next deal.

Fort Drum -- Thrifty shoppers around Watertown and Fort Drum are taking advantage of an online tool to help them find their next bargain. Fort Drum Bookoo has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter recently, helping bargain hunters and Yard Sale fanatics find their next big deal.

As hot as the website is now, it actually started several years ago when 2 brothers, Adam and Austin Allgaier, wanted to find an easier way to sell some of their things, and their wives were also looking for used toys and furniture for their families. In 2008, they launched Fort Drum Bookoo specifically for the Watertown community.

The focus of Fort Drum Bookoo is on connecting neighbors, allowing them to safely buy and sell their treasures locally. The community aspect is furthered with the requirement to create an account to use the site (accounts are free). Ensuring accountability as people aren’t communicating through anonymous emails and accounts can also be rated by other users.

 Adam Allgaier, Co-founder of says, "We are excited to offer this great service to local families. The idea for Bookoo really came about because my brother and I are both thrifty by nature and we both have fairly large families. Saving money on things we need for the house and for our children is vital. Shopping on is a way the Watertown community can save money on toys, clothes, furniture, computers, or whatever else you may need. You can also sell your own stuff that you no longer want to make a little money.”

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