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More sunshine in store!

(Thursday Afternoon November 15, 2012)</B> A chilly and frosty start is giving way to abundant afternoon sunshine. We should feel seasonably crisp with temperatures in the mid to high 40s.
High pressure nosing into the Northeast from southeast Canada is responsible for the beginning of a remarkable stretch of dry and sunny November weather.  In fact, high pressure is forecast to reload over the Great Lakes region and stay in control of our weather for the foreseeable future.

In terms of our sensible weather for the rest of the week and weekend, it will be highlighted by sunny seasonable days and clear, chilly nights.  Over the next few days, the only thing to get in the way of our sunshine will be some mainly high altitude clouds both this morning and tomorrow morning.  Since these clouds will be high up, their biggest impact on our weather will be to dim the sun a bit.

With high pressure essentially staying put through the weekend, the air mass over us will modify.  The November sun is not that strong but still the air over us will gradually warm and end up in the 50s by both Saturday and especially Sunday.

Over the last few days, we have been concerned about a storm system lurking along the East Coast that could potentially bring us some clouds and even rain early next week.  The data we’ve looked at yesterday and this morning points toward that storm tracking a bit farther east. As a result, we are going with a more optimistic forecast for early next week.  It is very conceivable we could go a full week here in Central New York without any precipitation.  Good news if you have holiday travel plans as the early outlook calls for dry and quiet weather next Wednesday.
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