"Road Rage" incident in Potsdam had Sunday drivers calling police

"Road Rage" incident in Potsdam had Sunday drivers calling police

Kennin Snyder of Norwood was issued several tickets after a motorist turns him in for aggressive driving.
Potsdam -- Police in Potsdam say that 25 year old Kennin Snyder of Norwood, was driving north on Route 56 when he became frustrated that traffic was going too slow.

At around 3pm Sunday afternoon, upon entering the Village and following the vehicle in front of him too closely, Snyder attempted to pass three vehicles in a No Passing Zone and had to abort his attempt as a car pulled into the center lane on Pierrepont Ave. to make a left turn.

After the center lane cleared, Snyder drove well over the speed limit as he proceeded to pass two more cars. 

When Snyder stopped at a red light, the driver in the car behind him took a picture of Snyder's license plate with her cell phone. Upon seeing this, Snyder got out of his vehicle and approached the motorist behind him waving his arms and yelling.

Snyder was charged with:
  • Following too close
  • Unsafe passing
  • Speeding
  • Unattended motor vehicle
  • Harassment 2nd degree
Snyder will answer to those charges on March 7th in the Potsdam Village Justice Court.
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