SUNY Canton Prez praises Paterson reforms

SUNY Canton Prez praises Paterson reforms

1/16/10<br />SUNY Canton President says reforms proposed by Gov. Paterson would give needed flexibility to deal with budget cuts...
Governor David Paterson's proposed reforms to higher education would transform the way SUNY schools  will be able to do business, says SUNY President Joe Kennedy.

"I couldn't be more optimistic," Kennedy said in a press release.

He even said Paterson's reforms will counterbalance the effects of expected budget cuts in the upcoming fiscal year through decreased regulation and added freedom to generate more income.

"I believe the cuts will be manageable in light of the ability to run our business more independently, creatively  and strategically," Kennedy said.

He said the Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act released Friday would:
  • Allow SUNY schools to protect jobs
  • Preserve the high quality of a SUNY education
  • Allow SUNY schools to grow as economic generators to help lead the way out of the recession
"I hope others will join me as staunch advocates of this act and help others to realize its importance to the SUNY system, New York State and its great citizens," Kennedy said.
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