WWTI to go all digital on Feb. 17

WWTI to go all digital on Feb. 17

2/9/09<br />WWTI will shut down analog transmission Feb. 17 as originally planned...
WWTI will shut down its analog transmission and go all-digital on February 17th, according to Vice President and General Manager David Males.

Although Congress passed legislation moving the nationwide analog shutoff deadline to June 12, it also gave stations the option of sticking with the original Feb. 17th date.

The shutoff means that viewers who get WWTI's signal via antenna will need a digital television set or a digital converter in order to continue watching.

While the flexibility of waiting until June may be important for some stations, WWTI is technically ready to go. It's priority has been to offer full, permanent digital television service to viewers as quickly as possible, Males said.

WWTI began broadcasting its digital signal on July 30, 2003 after the government mandated the changeover to digital tv broadcasting. Stations were required to continue broadcasting their analog signals until Feb. 17, 2009.

The station has been notifying viewers about the Feb. 17 date for many months and feels viewers are prepared, according to Males.
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