Watertown man loses control of his car after "Huffing" Dust Remover

Watertown man loses control of his car after "Huffing" Dust Remover

Brandon Stanley told Police his brakes had failed however investigators observed the can of Dust Cleaner was Ice Cold and dripping with condensation consitent with improper use.
Watertown -- A 21 year old Watertown man was arrested by State Police yesterday after he lost control of his vehicle and drove into oncoming traffic on Route 3 near the Exit 45 interstate 81 on ramp.

Police say, Brandon Stanley, Bishop St., Watertown, was arrested after inhaling the contents of a can of 3M Dust Cleaner, despite several written warnings on the label to avoid intentional inhalation/abuse.

Stanley swerved into oncoming traffic and struck a vehicle driven by Danny Green of Watertown. Mr. Green tried to avoid a head on collision and that caused Stanley to Careen across 3 more lanes of traffic then over an curb and onto the sidewalk. Police say Stanley continued on, striking a National Grid Utility Box, then along the sidewalk, side swiping guardrails and then re-entering oncoming traffic before coming to a stop due to "Disabling Damage" to the car.

Stanley told police his brakes had failed and that he had "Huffed" the Dust Remover about 45 minutes prior to the accident. However investigators noted the can was still "Ice cold and dripping with condensation, consistent with improper use".

Stanley was charged with numerous traffic violations.
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