Privateer Spotlight - Dane Erickson

Privateer Spotlight - Dane Erickson

For Minnesota native Dane Erickson, hockey is in his DNA.

First-year Privateer's forward Dane Erickson hails from Minnesota. He was recruited by Coach Brad Zang, another Minnesota native, who was impressed with his skill-set displayed at the Junior Hockey level in his home state.

Now he calls Northern New York home and loves how the fans eagerly have embraced him and the team. The passion for hockey reminds him of home.

"There's some comfort. Like any time you come up to the ring there's some type of hockey. Little kids, old guys... Just out there for fun," Erickson says.

His Privateer's teammates have become like family to him, which makes sense since hockey is such a huge part of his actual family. The middle child of three brothers, all of whom have played, Erickson's path to hockey was all in the family. Check out this week's Privateer Spotlight to see his story.

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