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Play of the Day - Reporter Faints on Live TV, Finishes Story!

The old saying goes fall down 7 times, get up 8. Well, this reporter should be inspiration to us all as she overcomes what could have been a mortifying experience.
Working in television, and specifically being a reporter isn't always an easy job. Sometimes you have to put yourself in wild, crazy, and yes even embarrassing situations on live television. Having the ability to overcome those situations and report the news takes true talent and skill. For KUTV reporter Brooke Graham, that was the case earlier this month.

She was doing a live story about skiing, however, in the middle of her shot she seems to pass out... on live TV. For most this would be a very serious situation, but Brooke quickly recovers and even finishes the story. A true professional. Check out today's Play of the Day, and join us at ABC 50 in giving her a round of applause for rebounding like a true pro!

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