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Play of the Day - There's a Snake in my Purse!

At ABC 50 we always encourage people to do the right thing. If you find a purse on the ground, try to return it to it's owner. Unless there's a snake in it... Then just run!

Imagine you're walking down the street, or through a parking lot and suddenly you spot a purse laying on the ground. It appears to have been dropped, and perhaps lost, by it's original owner. What do you do? Take it? Try to return it? Leave it? Well, here at ABC 50 we know the good people of the North Country would do the right thing and try to get it back to it's rightful owner. But here's an added twist, imagine you pick up said purse and "HISS!!" there's a real, living snake inside of it! Now what? Today's Play of the Day shows just that. A hilarious prank, with some truly funny reactions. Check it out!

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