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The Watertown Privateers Give Sub Making a Shot

These guys aren't just exciting play makers. They like to make an impact in the community as well.
Story by Andrew Banas, ABC 50 Promotions/Feature Reporter

The Watertown Privateers are used to high pressure situations. They know what it takes to deliver even with the odds stacked up against them. However, there's still some things that can make these guys sweat.

When Tangela Bourcy, manager at the Subway on Arsenal Street in Watertown, took over the position just over 5 months ago she was anxious to make an instant impact in the community. Since Watertown and Northern New Yorkers love their hockey and specifically their Privateers, Bourcy came up with an idea.

On Monday, December 9th her Subway store played host to a meet-and-greet between players and fans. However, she wanted to take it to the next level and make it hands on. She had the players themselves make the subs!

These guys have been through a lot of wild in-game situations, but making subs for customers? That's a new one. Check out the video above to see how it all shook out!
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