PAUL SMITHS, N.Y. (WWTI) — On May 2, leaders from the 10th Mountain Division, National Ski Patrol, elected lawmakers and community members gathered in the Adirondacks to pay tribute to Charles “Minnie” Dole.

Dole, known by many as “Minnie,” was known for his role in founding the National Ski Patrol, which then helped created the 10th Mountain Division.

According to the National Ski Patrol, Dole was an avid skier. After graduating from Yale in 1923, he realized there was a need for a first aid and rescue organization at ski races and downhill skiing venues.

The organization was then founded in 1938. Dole served as the national director until 1950.

Then during World War II, Dole pushed the need for mountaineering trained troops. After persistent efforts convincing the United States War Department, the 10th Mountain Division was formed in 1939. This allowed troops to combat the mountainous Italian terrain.

To honor Dole’s legacy, a ceremony was held on May 2 in Paul Smiths, New York to unveil and rededicate a gravesite to Dole.

At the ceremony, leaders including current 10th Mountain Division Commanding General Major General Milford Beagle, Jr. and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined the National Ski Patrol.

Both leaders spoke and Rep. Stefanik presented a Congressional Record to recognize Dole’s legacy.

Rep. Stefanik presents Congressional Record to recognize Charles “Minnie” Dole, May 2, 2022 (photo: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik)

Additionally, Original 10th Mountain Division Soldier Harold McAfee sat in the front row at the ceremony. McAfee has also recently been highlighted by the 10th Mountain Division in the recently opened Fort Drum Museum. See the photo below:

Fort Drum Museum exhibit featuring original 10th Mountain Division Soldier Harold McAfee (WWTI/ Isabella Colello)

More information on the legacy of Charles “Minnie” Dole can be found at the Fort Drum Museum.