WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Jefferson County officials are reporting data regarding COVID-19 cases and deaths last month.

On January 7, Jefferson County Public Health Service released its COVID-19 Monthly Index for December 2021. This report included to-date mortality data, a graphic of December 2021 COVID-19 hospital and community deaths and vaccination rates.

A highlighted aspect of the index was the deaths among unvaccinated. Throughout December, there were 12 COVID-related deaths in Jefferson County. According to JCPHS, six of these were among unvaccinated residents, one of which resident had significant pre-existing conditions.

All vaccinated individuals that died of COVID-19 had significant pre-existing conditions. From the start of the pandemic to the end of December, 145 Jefferson County lives had been lost to the virus

Additionally included in the monthly index were wastewater results from three locations in Jefferson County. In the City of Watertown, Village of Carthage and West Carthage and in the Thousand Islands Central School District wastewaters there were high levels of SARS-CoV-2 as of December 27.

These high levels of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, meant that COVID-19 was quantifiable, indicating active transmission in these communities. High levels in these wastewaters were also detected in November and October 2021.

Jefferson County Public Health also listed vaccination rates among eligible residents. As of December 31, 67.1% of the total population was fully vaccinated, and 78.8% had received at least one dose. A chart detailing vaccinations in Jefferson County is included below:

At least one doseFully vaccinated
% of total population78.8%67.1%
Population 5 years or older86,55773,699
% of population 5 years or older85.5%72.8%
People with booster vaccinations23,182
% of fully vaccinated population with a booster dose31.5%

Jefferson County officials also warned that because vaccine efficacy is waning, risk for contracting COVID-19 is increasing among fully vaccinated individuals, therefore urging residents to receive a booster dose and immunocompromised individuals to receive a third dose.

A full list of COVID-19 vaccine clinics can be found on the Jefferson County Public Health website.