AKWESASNE (WWTI) — Police have released details regarding several bodies found in the St. Lawrence River.

On March 30, the Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service confirmed that several bodies had been found in the St. Lawrence River in the Akwesasne territory.

These bodies were found as Police attempted to locate missing person Casey Oakes, age 30, who had last been seen on March 29 boarding a small, light blue boat that was departing the east end of Cornwall Island.

However, during this search on March 30, Akwesasne Mohawk Police confirmed that six bodies were found around 5 p.m. in a marsh area in Snye, Awkwesasne, Quebec. A vessel that matched the description of what Casey Oakes was last reported in was also found with the bodies, Police said in a press conference.

According to police, the six individuals are believed to be from two families, one of Romanian descent, and the others are believed to be citizens of India. The deceased included five adults and one child under the age of three.

On March 31, Police announced that two additional bodies were found in the waters of Awkwesane. This included one infant who was a Canadian citizen and one adult female who Police believe to be an Indian National.

As stated in a later update on March 31, Akwesasne Mohawk Police identified one of the adult males as 28-year-old Florin Lordache. Police said that Lordache had two Canadian passports in his possession, one was for a two-year-old child that was recovered on March 30 and one for the one-year-old found on March 31.

One of the adult females has also been identified as 28-year-old Christina “Monalisa” Zenaida Lordache.

Police have yet to identify the four Indian citizens. Names will not be released until they have been confirmed and next-of-kin have been notified.

Akwesasne Police said that all individuals are believed to have been attempting illegal entry into the United States from Canada.

Authorities are also continuing a search for Casey Oakes. However, Police said these incidents may not be related.

Any information on either investigation should be reported to Akwesasne Mohawk Police at 613-575-2340.