AAA says college students should know what their parent’s insurance covers


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NEW YORK (WWTI) —AAA Western and Central New York are urging students to review their insurance policies before leaving for college.

Vice president of insurance with AAA WCNY Stacey McConnell said in a press release that students should prepare themselves for certain insurance limitations when going away to college.

“College students living away from home should know they may have limited coverage under their parents’ insurance policies,” McConnell said. “Before leaving for college, students should check to see what risks and liabilities are covered.”

According to the press release, expensive items such as computers and other electronics may be subject to coverage limits when students live in a dorm and are under the standard homeowners policy. The company suggests leaving expensive unneeded items such as jewelry at home to avoid theft or damages.

They said those living in a dorm should create a detailed inventory of all items they bring, including photos and receipts. In the event that a claim needs to be filed, an up-to-date inventory can help make the process easier.

AAA suggests that students always lock their dorm room door and never leave belongings unattended on campus. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the library, dining hall and other public places are the primary areas where property theft occurs on campus.

If students are living off campus AAA suggest purchasing renters insurance to protect students and their belongings and from liability in the event that someone accidently gets injured on the property.

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