Absentee ballot application deadline fast-approaching in North Country


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The deadline for North Country residents to apply for an absentee ballot is fast approaching. In fact, it’s just under one week away.

As specified by the New York State Board of Elections, October 18 is the deadline for absentee ballot applications. This included applications or letters of applications sent by mail submitted through the online portal, email or by fax.

To qualify for absentee voting, an individual must be absent from their county, unable to appear because the individual is a primary caregiver of someone who is ill or has a physical disability, a resident or patient of a Veterans Health Administration Hospital or Detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury or confined in prison.

Individuals are also eligible for absentee voting if they are unable to appear at the polls due to temporary or permanent disability. This includes being unable to appear due to the risk of contracting or spreading a communicable disease like COVID-19.

After applying and receiving an absentee ballot, voters must mark the ballot according to choices for each office, following the instructions. Voters are then required to seal and return their ballot either in person, or by mail no later than November 2. Absentee voters can also bring ballots to early voting poll sites between October 23 and October 31.

Below is a list of additional deadlines voters should keep in mind ahead of the general election this November in New York State:

  • October 8: Deadline for mail registration applications and in-person registration
  • October 13: Deadline to change voting address
  • November 1: Deadline to apply in-person for an absentee ballot
  • November 2: Deadline for ballots to be postmarked and in-person ballots to be delivered
  • November 9: Deadline for ballots to be received by the local board of elections
  • November 15: Deadline for Military Voter Ballots

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