ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Alexandria Central School District temporarily closed its doors Monday, according to a social media post from the District.

Alexandria closed on Monday, December 12 and switched to remote learning. This was due to a significant spike in student illness, including influenza, COVID, RSV and gastrointestinal viruses, and said the switch was to “give students and staff an opportunity to recover.”

Midweek in the previous week, the District logged 20% of its student population absent with illness. Officials said by Friday, December 10, this figure had climbed to 40%.

Before the District made this switch, school principals worked with staff and students to distribute appropriate materials, including electronic devices and homework packets, the post said.

Alexandria also previously canceled sporting events due to the spike in illness. THis took effect on December 8 and continued through December 11.

School officials are now asking students and families to take preventative measures to stop the spread of illnesses. This includes washing hands often, wearing a mask and staying home if ill.

The District said that it anticipates it will reopen for in-person instruction on Tuesday, December 13.