All- new Watertown YMCA virtual lifestyle challenge prioritizing inclusion in North Country community


WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Watertown YMCA is set to participate in a nationwide challenge focusing lifestyle choices in a new way.

Starting February 1, 2021, the YMCA in Watertown New York will host the “RESET” lifestyle challenge. However, this challenge will be different than a typical ‘New Year, new me’ fitness routine or diet.

The challenge prioritizes inclusivity, community involvement and focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

Watertown YMCA Senior Director of Health and Wellness Michelle Graham shared her initial thoughts on the challenge and its unique-nature.

“This is a time to really reset the year and everyone comes to the table with ‘what are our New Years resolutions. Well, this is about so much more than a New Years resolution and so much more than ‘okay I want to be fit, I want to be better,” shared Graham. “So I think in true YMCA fashion, I think this is one of those programs that is truly designed to inspire you in mind, body and spirit.”

Graham shared that this can be a way for not only families and friends to connect in the North Country, but also a new way to connect with individuals farther in distance.

The challenge is open to the entire community, regardless of if they are a paid member of the YMCA. It is also connected to a national RESET Challenge, hosted at YMCA’s across the United States.

She added, “this is really a free, national challenge that many YMCA’s throughout the country are participating in. But it is a great way for us to embrace our community and allow them to take part in a challenge that really in all essence is virtual.”

How does the challenge work?

Community members can sign up on the Watertown YMCA website and starting February 1, they will receive weekly emails that will be centered around a specific theme each week.

Participants will have access to hundreds of free fitness videos, live classes, nutrition tips and even meditation strategies.

“When we say mind, body and spirit, the challenge is really, not just about becoming more physically fit or engaging in better eating habits. It’s truly about the whole self,” stated Graham.

According to Graham, the RESET Challenge is also family friendly. The YMCA is encouraging children to also participate as virtual family activities will be included. They are also encouraging businesses and organizations to join and challenge each other.

Although the challenge is set to begin February 1, participants can sign up at any time throughout the six week period.

Senior Director Michelle Graham shared the main reason why she is excited for the challenge.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to transform people’s lives for the better. And really, now more than ever, bring people together,” concluded Graham.

To register for the all-new YMCA RESET Challenge, visit the Watertown YMCA website.

For more, watch the full Q&A-style interview with YMCA Senior Director of Health and Wellness Michelle Graham in the player above.


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