WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — The digital game, Among Us, has grown in popularity in the past year, but is being flagged by local experts for safety hazards.

This multiplayer game allows children to play with other friends and users. However, users can also play with strangers, which according to the Victim’s Assistance Center of Jefferson County, is risky for young children.

Among Us has been flagged for mild violence it contains. However, experts consider the most dangerous factor of the game is the chat feature.

“This could be dangerous for kids because there’s no real age verification and similar to other apps,” stated MDT Facilitator Cassidy Crino. “You pick a username and your identity is not a hundred percent known. So you never know who you’re playing with or what their intentions are.”

To avoid any risks, Crino encouraged parents and guardians to only allow children ages 13 and older play the game. However, if allowing young children to play, the Victim’s Assistance Center recommended the following tips for parents and guardians:

  • Censor chats in the setting options
  • Research the app prior to permitting child use
  • Play the app alongside the child
  • Discuss the app with children to understand appropriate online safety