(WWTI) – Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day, so admire the beauty and elegance of black cats.

Letting a black cat cross your path was an ancient superstition that people thought meant bad luck. Today, pop culture loves black cats, Thackery Binx in “Hocus Pocus” and Salem, in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” and not to mention the classic cartoon black cat, Luna in “Sailor Moon.” Black cats are seen as loyal companions and if you ditch the negative superstitions, you might just be surprised to read how other cultures throughout history viewed them.

According to All Animal Care Clinic’s website, all around the world black cats can actually bring good luck:

  • Black cats bless marriages – According to English superstition lore, giving a bride a black cat on her wedding day will bring her good luck in her marriage and for newlyweds a black cat will ward off evil spirits so the couple will have a long and happy life together;
  • Black cats draw wealth and prosperity – In Japanese culture, a black Lucky Cat not only brings luck but also frightens away demons, evil energy and stalkers;
  • Black cats make safe homes and good harvests — In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya rides on a chariot pulled by two black cats and to win favor with Freya, farmers would leave bowls of milk for her companions in their fields. In return, Freya would then bless them with a good harvest;
  • Black cats in the audience help a play – According to theater superstitions, there is no better audience member than a black cat on opening night, if a black cat is in attendance, then your play will have a long and prosperous run;
  • Black cats lead to treasure — French peasants believed that if a black cat was released at a crossroads where five roads intersect then the black cat would lead the way to treasure;
  • Respecting a black cat brings fortune — In the south of France, black cats are called “matagot” and if shown the proper respect the matagot will reward their person with wealth and good luck; and
  • Black cats give sailors safe travels — In the very old days, black cats were thought to be so lucky and such and assurance that English sailors would return safely home from the sea that black cats became unaffordable for seafarers.

Cats and kittens are available for adoption all around the North Country, you can visit Jefferson County SPCA’s website, Lewis County Humane Society’s website and St. Lawrence County SPCA’s website to find information about adopting cats available in your area and applications to apply.

Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day!