(WWTI) – Run fast and throw hard or you’re going to get wet, watch out, it’s National Water Balloon Day.

As a staple of pool parties, playgrounds and summertime, water balloons exude joy for those playing with them. They can make you thrilled and excited whenever a jiggly orb of water is thrown and you see it explode in a burst of water and rubber flakes.

The water balloon has stayed pretty much the same since its first appearance in 1950. British inventor Edgar Ellington was looking for a way to treat trench foot by filling up a latex sock with water — seeing that it leaked — he threw the orb against a table and watched it explode. Ellington was splashed with water and an idea to market it as a children’s plaything.

Water balloon fights help users develop skills such as tactical thinking, teamwork and leadership – however — the main goal of the water balloons remains the same: to bring simple and wet fun to people everywhere. The largest water balloon fight, according to the “Guinness Book of Records,” took place in Lexington, Kentucky in 2011, featuring 8,957 participants throwing up to 175,141 water balloons.

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Happy National Water Balloon Day!