SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WWTI) — During the second week of June, the New York State Police and Syracuse Police Department conducted an illegal firework detail.

According to State Police, during the course of this detail, 73 stores were checked in the Syracuse area and authorities seized 435 pounds of illegal fireworks.

Additionally, the detail lead to 21 uniform traffic tickets in areas of firework complaints, eight calls for service responded to for fireworks complains, five arrests for possession of illegal fireworks, one misdemeanor drug arrest and one felony fugitive from justice arrest following a traffic stop.

The following individuals were arrested for Unlawful Possession of Fireworks, which is listed as a violation:

  • Ashmed H, Klharrk, 19, from Sham Market, 1215 Lodi Street
  • Isam I. Deb, 51, from Debs Market, 613 Wold Street
  • Mohamed M. Alzokari, 19, from Teall Market, 825 Teall Avenue.

State Police also reported that during the course of the investigation, officers learned of a subject selling illegal fireworks from a private residence on Burnet Avenue. Surveillance was then established, and two individuals were arrested for possession of Fireworks within that residence.

The two individuals are listed below:

  • Eric K. Stoddard, 51, Syracuse, NY
  • Samuel A Baadani, 27, Manlius, NY.

New York State Police and the Syracuse Police Department stated that they will continue to check cornel stores and increase patrols in areas of firework complaints.