WATERTOWN N.Y. (WWTI) — Blizzard cleanup is over but costs are just coming in.

The Blizzard that hit Northern and Western New York over the 2022 Christmas holiday weekend buried cities in feet of snow.

Final reports from Watertown logged over four feet in some areas, with drifts that towered many feet higher.

The storm also left a dent in the City’s bank account. According to City Manager Kenneth Mix, the blizzard cost Watertown roughly $100,010.

This, along with the historic lake effect snowstorm in November, made a major dent in the City’s annual snow budget, as removal crews were out on the road for days and worked hours of overtime.

Mix explained that Watertown has already spent over double its budget for contracted outside haulers, half of its fuel budget and all of its overtime budget.

“Our snow plowers have to be working a lot more hours. They have to be working up to 16-hour days,” Mix said. “The reason we had to spend so much in hauling is because we got so much snow in a short time that we needed to haul it and dump it to get it out of the way.”

Outside of the City limits, the town of Watertown faced similar receipts. Officials confirmed that the Blizzard of ’22 cost the Town an extra $30 thousand due to overtime and payroll expenses.

But Watertown officials are concerned about budget issues yet. However, complications may arise if the area continues to be slammed with severe winter weather.

“I think if we get a couple more events like this, it will definitely go over budget in all the [snow] areas,” Mix shared. “Right now, we’re okay. It all depends on how much snow gets dumped on us in the next three months.”

Mix confirmed that if Watertown does exceed its snow budget, funds will be allocated from other budgeted areas.