POTSDAM, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Potsdam Police Department is warning businesses and residents of counterfeit money circulating in the area.

According to a post on the Department’s Facebook page, Potsdam businesses discovered that counterfeit twenty-dollar bills have been used during two sales transactions on December 6. This has been an ongoing issue and has also been reported in surrounding communities.

The individuals passing the counterfeit bills are reportedly targeting high-volume sales locations during their peak hours. Additionally, they use the bills on small purchases to avoid attention.

The Potsdam Police are working with their law enforcement partners in the surrounding areas to attempt to stop the individuals from using the bills. Police warned that gas stations and fast food establishments should be extra cautious when performing transactions.

Their post also featured a picture that pointed out ways residents and business owners could identify if a bill was counterfeit or not.

Anyone with information about the counterfeit bills, or who encounters a suspected fake bill is being asked to contact police at 315-265-2121.