Camping in NY: Prevent the spread of invasive species by following firewood requirements


NEW YORK (WWTI) — New York campers can help stop the spread of invasive species such as Asian loghorned beetle and Emerald ash borer.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is ringing in the start of the fall camping season. The DEC reminds New Yorkers and visitors to follow state firewood regulations to prevent the spread of harmful invasive species.

According to the DEC firewood brought into forests and state parks can be used as mechanisms for species to spread eggs, larvae, spores or seeds. Infested firewood can speed up the spread of these pests.

Invasive species of particular concern include Asian loghorned beetle, Oak wilt, Emerald ash borer, Asian gypsy moth, Light brown apple moth and the Brown spruce longhorned beetle.

Previously, in 2009, New York limited the transportation through a regulation applicable to all wood species, split, cut and logs.

Specific New York State firewood regulations include:

  • Untreated firewood importation is prohibited
  • Untreated firewood grown in New York cannot be transported more than 50 miles

The DEC also has specific transportation requirements, including proper documentation. New Yorkers transporting firewood must fill out a self-issued certificate of origin, must have a receipt or label if purchasing untreated wood. If purchased and transported wood is heat-treated, the receipt or label must state “New York Approved Heat-Treated Firewood and Pest Free.”

Additionally, the DEC stated that any violations to the statewide requirements can result in a $250 fine.


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