NEW YORK (WWTI) — Canada goose hunting season opens on September 1 throughout most of New York State. The September goose hunting season is designed to help reduce or stabilize resident Canada goose populations. Resident Canada geese are those that breed in the United States and southern Canada, unlike migratory populations that breed in northern Canada.

“Resident Canada goose populations are high in many parts of New York, offering goose hunters significant opportunities to help DEC manage their populations,” DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said. ”The September Canada goose season is an opportunity to focus harvest on overabundant resident Canada geese when less abundant migratory Canada geese have not yet arrived in New York.”

Typically, resident geese are the birds commonly associated with nuisance situations in urban and rural areas. Over the past 25 years, New York’s resident Canada goose population has grown from an estimated 80,000 birds in 1995 to more than 340,000 today, according to the DEC.

The September season is an important opportunity for hunters, as regular Canada goose seasons have been restricted to 30 days and bag limits reduced to one bird in most areas to protect the more vulnerable migratory geese. Resident geese look the same as migratory geese, making it difficult for the public to distinguish between the two populations. More information on the differences between migratory and resident geese and how the birds are managed is available on the NYS DEC’s website.

All upstate areas are open from September 1 through September 25. The September Canada goose season occurs in all goose hunting zones except the Western Long Island zone. Canada goose seasons in the Central and Eastern Long Island zones begin on the Tuesday following the Labor Day holiday and run through September 30. In the Western Long Island zone, the season opens on October 9. The September season includes liberal bag limits, extended shooting hours, and other special regulations to maximize hunter success.

To participate in the September Canada goose hunting season, hunters must:

  • Possess a 2021-2022 hunting license now on sale at all license issuing agents and many town halls and sporting goods stores;
  • Be registered for the 2021-2022 New York Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP); and
  • Hunters 16 years of age and older must have a 2021-22 federal duck stamp signed across the stamp’s face in ink.

Locations for purchasing hunting licenses are available on the DEC’s website.

For the 2021 hunting season, DEC developed a new and more streamlined registration process for hunters to obtain their HIP number. All migratory game bird hunters must register annually for HIP through DECALS, DEC’s licensing system. HIP registrations are used to estimate the total number of hunters. HIP registration is valid from August 1 to April 15 annually. Hunters can register online or over the phone.