Canton Central switches to fully remote instruction due to hot water boiler issue, COVID-19


(photo: Canton Central School District facebook)

CANTON, N.Y. (WWTI) — Canton Central School District has provided an update regarding instruction.

Canton Central School District administration alerted the community on Wednesday to confirm changes in instruction methods.

The District will switch to fully remote instruction beginning January 7 and are expected to remain remote through January 19.

According to the District, this switch is both due to a hot water boiler issue and COVID-19 exposures affecting the transportation department.

Canton shared that they have experienced a loss of their domestic hot water at the high school and are unable to provide safe food preparation for students in the District. Additionally, no hot water is available for the high school. The District stated that a replacement is expected to be installed by the end of next week.

CCSD also stated the transportation department is short employees due to COVID-19.

However, all students attending out-of-district English Language Learning Programs and out-of-district BOCES special education classes will continue in-person instruction. Seaway Tech students are expected to return on January 7, 2021.


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