BROCKVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — A sight thought gone forever was seen by ship watchers on the St. Lawrence River early on Monday morning.

The cargo bulk carrier “Ojibway” made its “final” journey down the St. Lawrence Seaway on April 4. However, this was a surprise to many as its final trip was said to be in late 2021 ahead of the Seaway’s closing before the New Year.

“Ojibway” is a Canadian vessel built 69 years ago in 1952. The over 600-foot vessel has a carrying capacity of 18602 tons and has a reported draught of nearly 23 feet.

In celebration of the vessel’s final, final journey, many ship watchers took to social media on both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the St. Lawrence River to share photos.

Images taken in the early morning hours in Brockville, Ontario are included in the gallery below:

Poking fun at the surprise trip in a tweet on April 4, Seaway Ship Watchers Network Michael Folsom compared the Ojibway to NFL Football Superstar Tom Brady, stating:

Ojibway is passing through the #1000Islands this morning doing its best #TomBrady impression – except this journey is sure to be it’s final.

Ojibway will complete its final journey in the coming days when it will officially be retired in the Canadian Port Colborne on Lake Erie.