CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWTI) — Carthage Area Hospital will be making healthcare more available to residents throughout the North Country with their Mobile Clinic.

According to the hospital, the clinic will bring primary and preventative health care services into the communities where people live and work. The goal is that the mobility of the clinic will eliminate long communities patients would otherwise have to make and avoid costing patients time, missed work, and risking their safety.

The vehicle is expected to arrive at the hospital in June or July of 2022 and will provide everything from vaccinations to well-visits, as well as important screenings. CEO of Carthage Area Hospital Rich Duvall said it’s important to utilize this kind of resource, especially in rural areas located in the North Country.

“The delivery of healthcare is evolving and we have to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our patients. One of the greatest challenges in accessing health care services by patients in the North Country is the lack of reliable transportation,” Duvall said. “This project will help address that, as we can now bring health care services closer to the patient. This mobile clinic allows us to reach patients that would otherwise not be able to receive healthcare as readily as those in more populated areas.”

The hospital stated that the initial rollout of the mobile clinic will focus on vaccine education including COVID-19, flu, HPV, and other available series. The clinic will be restricted to vaccine education until July 31 since the clinic is funded by grants.

Starting August 1 the clinic will transition to providing healthcare services, in addition to ongoing vaccination education and promotion. The mobile clinic will be staffed by a mid-level healthcare professional such as a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician’s Assistant and an LPN that will be working on the mobile clinic two to three days a week initially.

Once a finalized schedule is determined by the hospital, it will be posted on their website. According to the Administrator of Outpatient Clinics and Business Development of Carthage Area Hospital Mark DeCilles, the schedule will be updated as changes or additional days are scheduled.

The mobile clinic was made possible by two grants, a Health Resources and Services Administration Grant totaling $297,174.00 and another from the North Country Initiative through the 2022 Promising Practices Fund for $30,500.