WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Details have been released regarding a motor vehicle accident at the Roswell Flower Memorial Monument in Watertown.

According to Watertown City Police Detective Lieutenant Joseph R. Donoghue, Sr., on November 28 at 12:57 a.m. Officer Wayne McConnell discovered that two bollards and the base of the Roswell Flower Memorial Monument were damaged. Officer McConnell also found a New York license plate in the roadway on Stone Street.

Following these discoveries, Officer McConnell determined a vehicle had been traveling north on Washington Street prior to the accident. The driver was then determined to have turned left on Stron Street.

The New York plate found on Stone Street included the letters and numbers KFF3253 and was registered to 26-year-old Jake A. Camidge of Carthage for a red 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Camidge’s truck was later found abandoned in a parking lot off of Stone Street with extensive damage underneath the truck and on the left side.

Assistance was then requested by Watertown Police from the Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office in an attempt to locate Camidge. The suspect, however, was not at his residence at the time.

However, Watertown Police confirmed that during the evening on November 28, Camidge was located by Office McConnell at his residence in Carthage. Camidge then admitted he was driving his pickup truck on Washington Street when he dropped his cigarette.

Police reported Camidge struck the curb when he reached down to get the cigarette he dropped. He then stated he drove to a parking lot and parked the truck as the vehicle had a flat tired.

Watertown police then issued Camidge a traffic citation for leaving the scene of an accident.