WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) — Wildlife biologists will begin crow hazing in an effort to disperse flocks of crows found in the Watertown area.

The effort comes after the City of Watertown requested to have the flocks of crows seen in the city dispersed. The biologists will be provided by the city’s crow hazing contractor Loomacres Wildlife Management.

The hazing is set to take place on October 26 and October 27 throughout the evening. The harassment methods will include fireworks, lasers, air rifles, and other devices. The goal of the methods is to create loud noises and flashing lights that will frighten the birds.

The city is asking residents to keep track of the location, estimated size, and the dates and times they see crow flocks in the Watertown area. Residents can then report their crow sighting to the Loomacres online reporting system. The organization receives live updates when reports are made, making reports the nights of the hazing especially helpful.

Residents should expect to hear and see the different methods taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday night. More information on crow hazing can be found on the Loomacres website.