WEBB, N.Y. — The clean up effort has begun after a major house explosion in Old Forge.

The explosion happened on July 30, completely destroying the home owned by a Utica woman who fortunately was not at the residence at the the time of the incident.

The explosion occurred at the 500 Block of Hollywood Road and is currently believed to have been caused by propane.

Town of Webb Police Chief Ron Johnston said they received over 100 calls regarding the explosion after the loud boom was heard within a three mile radius of the home. When first responders arrived at the scene debris from the home had been launched over 100 feet into the water.

Chief Johnston said approximately 17 homes were impacted and at least four or five of those homes are unlivable. It was also reported that two landscapers that were working nearby sustained minor injuries due to the shrapnel from the explosion. The next door neighbor said was thrown off her back porch from the force when the event occurred.

Town Supervisor David Berkstresser declared a state of emergency Saturday to allow for state, local and county officials to aid in the cleanup effort. Chief Johnston said he expects the cleanup effort to take several weeks.

The New York State Fire department’s investigation is active and ongoing to discover what happened on Friday, as well as be able to prevent future explosions like this one.