Ray Babowicz of the Community Health Center of the North Country sat down with ABC50’s Alex Hazard to discuss “COVID fatigue” and where we stand amid the pandemic.

Babowicz said “the questions remain the same and the answers remain the same” when it comes to “COVID fatigue,” a type of burnout related to the pandemic and the effects it has had on the lifestyles of most Americans. He said that not only are things not getting better, they are potentially the worse they have been, “especially in certain pockets of the North Country.” Babowicz said people still need to think seriously about getting vaccinated.

North Country residents can visit the FDRHPO website to submit any questions they have regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and a healthcare provider will respond with answers to those questions within 48 hours.

When it comes to Living Local, Babowicz said it’s about all of us doing our part to be responsible, get vaccinated and reach the levels of vaccination that will allow us all to “go out and live locally.”