LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — The Lewis County Health System has officially confirmed COVID-19 cases on every floor of its Residential Health Care Facility.

This week, on January 18, the Health System confirmed six new COVID-19 cases among Residential Health Care Facility residents. One of the cases was among a resident on the second floor, three were on the third floor and two were on the fourth floor.

This was the first report which involved COVID-19 cases on the second and fourth floors. Until January 18, the COVID-19 outbreak at the facility had only involved third and first-floor residents.

On the following day, January 19, the LCHS reported two additional COVID-19 cases, both on the second floor. At the time of the update, 17 residents remained in isolation in the facility.

Although all floors remain open for in-person visitation, the Facility is urging individuals to postpone visits due to the outbreak.

Residents remain on transmission-based precautions. Those who choose to visit the Facility will be required to wear a gown, shield and facility-issued mask. Visitors are also required to be tested for COVID-19 prior to coming to the facility.

Since the outbreak began on January 2, the Residential Health Care Facility has confirmed 29 COVID-19 cases. The Facility plans to monitor residents for COVID symptoms and continue resident exposure testing every three to five days.