LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWTI) — A COVID-19 outbreak is continuing at a nursing home in Lowville.

The Lewis County Residential Health Care Facility confirmed three new COVID-19 cases among residents on its third floor on January 13. These cases marked the nineteenth resident COVID case since January 2, 2022.

According to the Facility, as of January 13, sixteen of its COVID-positive residents were in the facility in isolation. All COVID-19 cases have been confirmed on the first and third floors. No cases have been identified on the second or fourth floors.

Residents on the first and third floors of the RHCF currently are on transmission-based precautions. These precautions require visitors on these floors, regardless of vaccination status to wear a gown, gloves, shield and a facility-issued mask throughout their visit.

All floors remain open for in-person visitation. However, due to the outbreak status on the first and third floors, the facility is recommending individuals postpone visits.

Additionally, the Lewis County Residential Health received new guidance from the New York State Department of Health on January 12, which lists new requirements for visits. This includes mandatory mask-wearing and COVID-19 testing protocols.

The facility stated that it plans to implement these guidelines in the week of January 17 once further clarification is received.