COVID-19 travel restrictions remain lifted for Fort Drum personnel


Paul Steven Ghiringhelli
Sign welcomes motorists entering Fort Drum at the Iraqi Freedom Gate. To avoid rush-hour delays this summer at this gate, installation officials urge commuters to use the Mount Belvedere Gate, accessible from Watertown by Route 283 or from Interstate 81 by Route 342, or the 45th Infantry Division Gate, roughly two miles south of U.S. Route 11 traveling on Route 26 South.

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — An update was issued by the U.S. Department of Defense on October 11 regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions at each of its installations.

On this date, the DoD confirmed that travel restrictions remain lifted for the Fort Drum Army installation in Upstate, New York. This allows Fort Drum personnel to travel internationally and domestically. This applies to all DoD Service members, civilian employees dependents of Service members and personnel whose travel is Government-funded.

Unrestricted travel remains permitted for Service members or civilians between installations that have met the criteria listed on the Secretary of Defense memorandum issued on March 15, 2021. If either installation does not meet these criteria, an exemption or waiver is required.

However, according to officials from the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, unvaccinated service members are required to use the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s community transmission levels to determine risks for the intended travel. Risk is assessed as “low,” “moderate,” “substantial,” or high.”

Officials stated that travel that unvaccinated individuals traveling to any county or international destination deemed as an area of “substantial” or “high” transmission, will be subject to a ten-day restriction of movement upon returning to New York. This restriction of movement can be reduced to seven days if a negative COVID-19 test is administered on the fifth day.

Vaccinated personnel are not subject to COVID-19 related restrictions. This includes social distancing, visitors or travel.

Travel restrictions are lifted an installation meets DoD criteria and the lift is approved by the Director of Administration and Management, the Secretary of a Military Department or a Combatant Commander.

As of October 11, travel restrictions had been lifted by the Department of Defense for 179 of 230, or 78% of all United States military installations.

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